Infrastructre Meltdown

For some reasons items in my life usally falls apart in dual – this time my broadband modem fell apart (Cisco EPC2607) as well as my bluetooth headset (MW600).

The support from my broadband supplier, ComHem, was OK. There was warrent left on my modem so a new one was sent free of charge. The new one arrived a few days later. Even though I said its OK to send the same type as I have, for some reason they sent me another type of modem – a Netgear CG3100 – with wireless included. The wireless is though turned off when I already is using an external access point in my infrastructure. (Good with a hot standby wireless solution though :) ).

The Bluetooth was no warrent left on. A new one was bought. It may be that the old one will come to live after a few resets/battery drains :-|

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